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Morning Mist Over Trees


E M I L Y   P I T T S

Composer and Sound Designer

with a Software Engineering Background

Based in Portland, OR

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M U S I C  P O R T F O L I O

strawhart header.png

(Indie Game Score)

Strawhart is an action-puzzler where you’ll master physics-defying magic in a quest to start a cult and resurrect an ancient evil. The realm of Acre is beset by a foe so powerful that no hero living can hope to save the day. But don’t worry, you’ve got a plan!

Available Now on Steam

I wrote and produced the soundtrack for the game and scored the trailer. I did not do sound design for this project.

Table Stakes

(Documentary Short Score)

African American writers Joe Thompson and Chris Adams of Fracture Comics pursue their dreams in a manga comic book industry accustomed to white and Asian artists. More Info

Table Stakes did well on the festival circuit, winning Best Documentary Short at TWIFF 2019 and was nominated for Best Short Film at San Diego Black Film Festival 2019.

I wrote and produced the soundtrack for the film. The trailer to the left is an excerpt from the film that was scored by me.


(Short Film Score)

This film about discovery was used for the 2018 Berlin International Film Scoring Competition. All music and sound was produced by me as an entry.

American Babylon

(Short Film Cue)

This cue was scored in collaboration with filmmakers from SFFILM and recorded with live musicians at Skywalker Sound.

Themes from "Headwinds"

Headwinds is a fictional game inspired by the plot of The Martian. These themes were composed and recorded in collaboration with Sony Interactive during my time at San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Stems and scores were prepped by me for recording by live musicians. Both themes were selected from among student work for live recording at Sony Interactive.

S O U N D   D E S I G N   R E E L


T E C H N I C A L   S O U N D   D E S I G N   R E E L


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